About Us

WHO WE ARE: The Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans is a statewide nonprofit organization with over 90,000 members that unites our affiliate organizations, retired workers and community groups to win social and economic justice and a better, more secure future for ourselves, our families and future generations. Join us on Facebook. WSARA is the official state affiliate of the Alliance for Retired Americans, www.retiredamericans.org.

WHAT WE DO: The Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans creates a statewide network of organizations in order to educate the membership, the public and elected officials about the issues that affect the well-being of Washington’s senior citizens. WSARA is working towards the advancement and achievement of just and equitable living conditions for senior citizens within our state and the nation through legislative advocacy consistent with the educational and political purposes of an advocacy organization exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.