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  • New Retiree Voting Record Released

    March 11, 2024: Washington, DC – The Alliance for Retired Americans released its 2023 Congressional Voting Record, which scored each U.S. Senator and Representative on critical retirement security issues, today. “Almost every member of Con Read More >


Social Security

Fair Trade

  • Trade, Tax Reform and the Federal Budget

    August 07, 2017: Victory In This Round Of Attacks On Our Health Care Both the US House and US Senate have recessed for the month of August. Thanks to your hard work, we are cautiously enjoying a victory over an effort to repeal the Affordable Car Read More >

  • Join the National Call-In Day Against TPP

    September 08, 2016: Despite immense, bipartisan opposition, the White House is more determined than ever to force a post-election, "lame-duck" vote on the TPP. That is the unique moment in the political calendar when representatives that are re Read More >

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