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August 20, 2016

Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day by Supporting Raise Up Washington YES 1433

I1433National Senior Citizens Day is tomorrow, August 21st, a day to recognize the contributions seniors make across our country. However, when most folks think about older people, they think of retirees. But many seniors are still in the work force and depend on minimum wage jobs to supplement their Social Security benefits. In fact, of those making the minimum wage, more are age 55 and older than are teenagers.

Not only would raising the minimum wage improve the lives of low wage workers, but it would also benefit our current and future retirees. Since Social Security benefits are based on lifetime earnings, a higher minimum age would mean enhanced benefits for those workers. And, Increasing the earnings of low wage workers would mean more revenue coming into the Social Security system and a brighter financial outlook for the program in the future.

This is why the Washington Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund has endorsed Raise Up Washington YES on Initiative 1433. So, let’s honor seniors this year by helping those still in the work force. The fight to raise the minimum wage is important for all workers and retirees. Tell your family friends, and neighbors that this isn’t just about raising wages and fighting inequality. It’s about keeping our Social Security system strong and healthy, about enhancing benefits for future retirees, and about helping seniors and workers to make ends meet. Raising the minimum wage here is about protecting the retirement security of everyone in Washington State, and it’s time to Raise Up and vote YES on I-1433.

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