October 04, 2017

Congress Should Keep its hands off Our Medicare and oppose the Black Budget

Because of your help AGAIN, Trumpcare was defeated last week. But we need you to make your voices heard right now to prevent health insurance cuts for the most vulnerable Americans to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and Big Corporations.

While the Alliance remains vigilant in protecting the Affordable Care Act, we believe it is important to fight to defeat the Republican budget designed to slash programs that help retirees and working people in order to provide tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%.

President Trump and the Republican leaders in Congress are trying to pass a massive tax cut package for the wealthy and corporations paid for by cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and undermining retirement security. Before voting on this package, Congress will attempt to pass budget resolutions that will provide them with a fast-track reconciliation process in order to jam this legislation with just 51 votes.

The House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on the GOP’s tax “reform” plan that will add $2.4 trillion to the deficit so the rich can continue to line their pockets with cash that should be spent on vulnerable Americans instead.

This isn’t right. Call your representative at 866-828-4162 now and tell them to vote NO!

 Tell your Member of Congress to support a tax plan that works for people, not Wall Street!

For more information on the House Budget for Fiscal Year 2108 and its negative impact on Medicare and Medicaid, read the Alliance’s Black Budge FY2018 Fact Sheet here.

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